Chater Bus All Around Japan!!

Explore Japan by chartered bus.

With chartered bus, you can travel through Japan freely.
Route is along in your hope , your plans , freely

Arrive at numerous attractions directly
from the airport without difficult transfers.

It is very convenient even with a large group of people.
Let alone heavy baggage can be carried with you together.

Hey! Explore Japan by chartered bus.

We find the optimal bus in the consent of the price

From travel content and your budget and your number of people, such as a variety of conditions Looking for a perfect bus in the price of consent to you!

2.Arrangements agency
Three of hospitalities are satisfy to you.

1.Create a route to suit the needs of our customers.

Tourist attractions, shopping location, diet and accommodation location
We create our routes tailored to the various needs,please consult at the time of estimate.

2.Please let us to arrange for those troubles.

We will be acting on behalf of the troublesome various arrangements such as parking arrangements,
booking of dining venues and accommodation place.

Model Course①

The number of days:
Narita Airport - Tokyo Station
Put in the middle to break once

Model Course②

The number of days:
3 nights 4 days
Chubu International Airport - Nagoya
- Kyoto - Osaka
- Kansai International Airport
Want to eat Japanese food in Kyoto
Want to arrange accommodation for the crew

3.We promise the exact journey.

Staff skilled in the geography of Japan will create a route
The driver of the bus can travel on the day smoothly, by sharing the itinerary. and security
We promise a safe and secure journey in Japan quality.


We are using a secure Japanese bus.

Operation and Maintenance

Bus is obliged to daily inspection and maintenance.


The bus runs only in the bus company
that has been approved by the Japanese government.

It has received permission from the Transportation Director
(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport).

Bus of our arrangements has received the permission of the transportation director on the basis of the Road Transport Act.
As a business entrusted to us a lot of lives, arrange bus company to ensure the safe transport is committed to customer satisfaction to comply with the following.

Trading performance

Introduction of our customers

We also provide services to different kinds of customers besides above.
We are the top class when it comes to knowledge and experience of domestic tours.


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